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Different types of slot machines

Most people probably know what a slot machine is. Slot machines have been seen at both the pub and the gas station. Those slot machines with three reels, where you have to manage to get the right combination of symbols (usually clocks or fruits) to take home the jackpot. And it is actually these classic slot machines that form the basis of all the slot machines we can see today at online casinos. But, even though they have their origins in the classic bandit and there are some similarities, there are also big differences.

Many of the modern slot machines have many more reels than three and they have a large number of bet lines. The new online casinos, called slots, also have fantastic graphics, exciting themes, cool animations and lots of exciting features.

The online casinos offer an incredible range of slot machines and they are available in many different variants. The biggest differences lie in how the games are structured.

We mainly divide the slot machines into three categories:

Classic slot machines
Video slots

The first category includes classic 3-reel slot machines and slot machines. In the online versions of these classics, you can count on both bonus games and higher winnings.

Slots and video slots are the most modern variants of online slot machines. In these games there are both interactive and graphical games that the physical slot machines do not come close to. The games are usually made up of four or five reels and with a varying number of lines, the range of games and combination possibilities is almost endless. By the way, did you know that it is possible to play free slot machines online? If you are interested in playing slot machines for free , you can find it via the link here to the left.

The video slots often have the coolest features and most innovative games. 3D animations, features that provide both free spins and bonus rounds elevate the real online money pokies games beyond the ordinary. And of course, we cannot ignore the huge progressive jackpots that can make you a multimillionaire in an instant. You will always find the casino's real mega jackpots among the video slots.

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