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Keno is a lottery game ultra-popular in French-speaking countries, as well as the lottery. However, this game originated in China where it was invented thousands of years ago. At the time, keno allowed the kingdom of Leung subsidize the creation of an army that would allow the country to defend himself against his assailants.

Later, the direct ancestor of keno was used as an educational tool: while playing keno, children learned to read and write, the numbers we have today replaced with acronyms of Chinese literature. Nobody would have guessed that keno is intended to satisfy the urges of millions of players in the 21st century. But if keno is today as a game of ultra-popular lottery, it is not really by chance. Its simple rules and dizzying gains are the target of many stakeholders.

As lottery, keno rules are not demanding: you just buy a ticket or a grid on which you mark the numbers that you think will be drawn at random, place your paris and then attend draw on "Live." There are several types of paris and grids, these additional elements of role rather spice up the game and make it more attractive rather than complicate the rules, which are actually quite simple. Play keno is to everyone. However, it is best to do through internet as it is sometimes necessary to wait several days before you see your ticket to be validated by the tobacconist, and even whether or not you have won something!

Playing keno online , you'll save yourself a lot of headaches: the tickets are validated instantly your grid numbers are checked automatically by the computer; concerning the circulation, it takes place before your eyes in the minute following the validation of your bet. In less than a minute, so you know whether or not you will be the lucky winner.

In addition to this, the advantage of online casinos is that they offer a large number of very attractive alternatives, as well as updates and payout ratios that vary depending on the budget of the user and its motivations. You can choose to play three numbers, ten numbers, sometimes twenty numbers, it's like you want it! You're the king! Nevertheless, in order to excel at keno, it seems necessary to master certain skills and knowledge to differentiate the various gates and paris offered by operators . Therefore Bonus Casino in proud to offer you a dozen free keno games, you will find above. Among these games, you probably enjoy 3D TV Keno, Keno 40 Keno balls and 80 balls, all different sensations and experiences that offer.

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