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The goal is to win the chips of other poker players competing while getting the best hand or by making them throw their cards (fold). There are 3 types of auction, Texas Hold'em No Limit know, or you can bet as much money as you wish, Pot Limit, where it is virtually impossible to bet more than the amount of the pot and finally The betting limit is limited.

To win a game, it is imperative to get a better mix of poker among the remaining players, using as you like the 5 towns located in the center of the table and your two hole cards. Before the donor (the dealer) distributes the cards, two players to the left must pay the blinds is to say bet blindly. Whoever is placed directly to the left pays the small blind "small blind" while his neighbor pays the big blind "big blind".

For online poker the "donor" (or dealer) is the equivalent of a virtual dealer loaded automatically distribute playing cards. Once the blinds are posted, the dealer or "dealer" shall distribute two hole cards to each player. After this, there is a round of betting in the direction of clockwise.

To stay in the game, players who paid the blinds do not need to make a new bet; they just fill in the necessary money. Just after this step, the dealer reveals the set of all players 3 cards named the flop, followed by a step called the turn (rotating) where we discover a new card. Then comes the river (the River), i.e. the fifth card dealt.

It is important to note that each step is always followed by a round of betting, it is the flop, the turn or the river. At the end of all these pre-mentioned steps, the players lay their cards to know the person with the best combination. From here, we can know that this or that player is in a position of strength or weakness to win.

Invented in 1901, in the city of Robstown in the State of Texas, USA, Texas Holdem is a variation of the popular poker. It is played with 10 players maximum full table (full ring), but from two players face to face (heads-up).

Sometimes the combination is not formed. In this case, it is necessary to use the highest card to decide between the different players. This is what is called the kicker, in the jargon of poker. You also have the choice to stay with your first two cards. If you choose to keep your first two cards, it means that the face down cards the dealer will then be returned. This will tell you if your two cards are lost, won or pushed.

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