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In fact, everything is quite simple: for every advertising site, where are your banners, you create (just have) a unique link to your casino (i.e. a link with your referral code). Referral codes (or tracking codes) can be arbitrarily much, so you can literally every advertising site to get the full analysis. And this in turn will give you the opportunity to understand advertising pays off with this particular advertising site or not. If you do not pay off, then we stop funding and save your money that redirect to successful advertising space. The idea is that by careful analysis as soon as possible to form a reliable base of working on your business partners, eliminating unsuccessful. Once you unscrew the site, you can count on a few thousand dollars a month in net profit. And that means that it is to this figure and you should strive to only attain a level of income can take a break - you're done!

Your profit depends on the quality of promotion casino. Promote a site - is not easy (just so no one pays money, as you might guess), but it is quite affordable and, most important and enjoyable, it is quite accessible afford one single person - that is you! So the profit with anyone else, you can not share.

Anyway, but you have to strain your brain on the analysis of the effectiveness of its advertising. Begin immediately to unwind its casino without analyzing the effectiveness of advertising, it's wrecking himself: then howl! Note that Alfa play (head office and manufacturer software) gives you an excellent opportunity to analyze your traffic (and tell him thank you for it, because it is also a kind of a great investment in your business).

A free start-up capital can be called only to a certain extent. It is rather a starting bonus . Money that is credited to your account, you can use any of the games, you can win, but are unable to stay with your winning poker account until until all the conditions of the casino. As a rule, in order to be eligible to collect your winnings, you must place a bet on a certain amount.

This amount may exceed the amount of start-up account in 20-40 or even 100 times. If you lose money for free, then to continue the game will need to fund your account with your real money, but then immediately get the right to a refund. However, you can not replenish your account and try your luck at similar conditions in other casinos on the internet a lot .

If we approach the issue of negligent selection casino, you can get into trouble and left not only without a win, but without your deposit. Game free money does not give all the necessary information about the casino, except that you can confirm the functionality of the software .

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