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Multi Line Slot Machines

We present a version of simplified a slot machine mechanical three-reel on a central shaft. The central shaft bears three notched disks that are connected to the three rollers. A second shaft in the central shaft is composed of stoppers and a pusher, a metal part comprising three pallets . Pallets of the plunger are aligned so as to push the notches records. Click on the image to access the original article, which also offers an animation of the slot machine.

From the perspective of the player, it is much more simple the player inserts a coin into the slot, pull the lever and the reels start spinning. She stopped a moment, then the gain falls if there is gain. These mechanical slot machines have been replaced with electrical machines that operated on the same principle.

There are dozens of ways to determine the gains , the simplest being to measure the depth of the notches discs rolls. Thus, the catch assigned to the jackpot is deeper than other screens. Other systems exist, such as having a series of metal contacts on the rollers, or use photoelectric cells which generate a current according to the light exposure.

Most machines are designed in current to give the impression of being mechanical models, but they are actually managed by computer. The computer uses the motors to spin the reels and stop at a certain place. A random number generator (RANG: random number generator) ensures that the same probability exists for each draw to win the jackpot.

Controlled by computer systems have made ​​slot machines much more adaptable. For example, players can now use the money directly into their account rather than dropping tokens each gain. They can also track their gains and losses more easily. Yellow light actuated by the player, used to call a casino attendant. The red light indicates that the machine is down, while the green light indicates that the machine requires a payment manual.

Machine in classical works through a complex combination of levers, catches and springs. The central element is the tree that supports are rollers. This shaft is connected to a lever which actuates the slot. A system of braking is used to stop the reels, and a sensor communicates the position of the rollers in the payment system. Detector coin or token unlocks the lever.

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