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Three Card Poker or 3 Card Poker in English, it is, as its name suggests, a card game with a hand of three cards. And we play Three Card Poker with a deck of 52 cards. The purpose of Three Card Poker is to beat the dealer's hand with three cards.

Pay attention to the values ​​of the cards that change depending on the game for the Three Card Poker, Ace is at the same time the greatest and the smallest card, depending on the value of your hand. And other cards, their value is decreasing: Ace comes before the king who comes before the queen comes before the valet who comes before 10, etc.

In addition, the Straight Flush consists of three cards of the same color and descending (valet, 10 and 9 for example). Kind regards the three cards of the same value and Quintet is the set of three cards of different colors. The set of three cards of the same color is Flush. A pair is the same as in a traditional Poker Main and High is always accompanied by a large map.

Again attention because each casino online has its redistribution policy. This is the percentage allocated to each gain that looks almost, but only almost, a casino to another. Thus, to gain the equivalent of your bet, should you have always relied on each party and the dealer is not able to show his cards.

If the dealer can show his cards and your hand is less than his, you lose. The draw takes place in case of similar hands. Moreover, the gains are different from one setting to another, and the gain of a set is different from that of a sequence and so on.

Big names in this environment appear already among the runners race to conquer the Spanish players. Include the British operator Ladbrokes and promoter of the site Chili poker the company Chili Gaming. And more gambling establishments online, Spain has also authorized sites paris paris or equestrian sports online .

Online casinos present the card games like poker, blackjack or baccarat; the table games like craps and Sic Bo and many other games. But not slot machines. But the Spanish players can finally enjoy bonus games in online casinos. He won thanks to luck, and a push strategy to perfection Beside him, the young talents of MIT who inspired the film "Las Vegas 21" are amateurs.

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