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What to focus on in Online Poker Reviews and Tournaments 2014

Anybody who's played online poker for a while can tell you that the game definitely isn't the same as it was several years ago. This is especially the case with regard to the poker sites themselves, as there have been major changes in the industry. Poker rooms are catering more to recreational players and also trying to eliminate bum hunting, or the practice of skilled players only playing fish. Given this new focus, let's discuss some key factors that you should pay attention to when reading online poker reviews and tournaments 2015.

Which Group of Players is a Poker Room geared towards?

Depending upon if you're a recreational player or professional grinder, you'll want to check which group a poker room is focusing on. For example, Unibet launched a re-branded site in early 2014, which is entirely dedicated to amateur players. Full Tilt, on the other hand, still features a pretty big high stakes scene and they're not trying to scare off pros any time soon. Specific aspects that you want to consider are what an online poker room does with table selection, Heads Up Displays (HUDs) and high stakes tables.

Is the Site Reputable?

It used to be that players didn't worry as much about their online poker deposits. But then Black Friday happened in 2011, along with the whole Everleaf Gaming scandal in 2012/13. We're not saying that the vast majority of internet poker rooms aren't trustworthy because most of them are dedicated towards satisfying customers and getting repeat business. However, you especially want to pay special attention to a poker room's reputation/longevity these days.

What Mobile Offerings do they have?

With so many players having smartphones and tablets in 2014, they want the option to play wireless poker. Assuming you own a mobile device, be sure to read reviews and figure out if a prospective poker site offers wireless capabilities. Some sites will feature a mobile poker app while others have you visit a special link. Whatever the case is, just make sure that the mobile option is there.

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