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Online casinos have become a reality in the mid-90s, after a mechanism has been developed for secure financial transactions . To date, security of financial transactions with online casinos is much more difficult than it was in those days. However, the biggest stumbling block regarding betting online casino players is concern security of financial transactions.

This raises two important questions. The first of these - if I tell my credit card online casinos, how can I be sure that a third party (the attacker) can not get access to it? Another question - where is the guarantee that the transferred funds to online casinos reach the recipient and will not be intercepted and redirected somewhere during the transfer.

Servers online casino credit card numbers stored players to transfer funds to your casino account. Also stored there other personal information such as addresses, passport numbers, and social security. In large casinos kept tens of thousands of such records. That is why online casinos are taking measures to ensure their servers unavailable to unauthorized persons.

Only a few specially designated casino employees in managerial positions, have security clearance and passwords to the servers. This automatically generates detailed records about who enjoyed access to the server, when and for how long.

These employees are responsible for the use of classified information and are required to report on the causes and to access it. Online casinos also use firewalls to protect their servers from unauthorized access. Firewalls - is software that act as filters. They deny access to unauthorized users servers, but allow them to those who logged the appropriate access rights.

Online casinos attract independent professionals for installation, inspection and audit of its financial security systems. Thawed and Revising - two of the most prominent independent audit agencies of financial security in an online casino. Certificates from these agencies appear to casino sites and increase the degree of confidence in the players to these casinos. Potential players must be sure that during the transfer of funds from their bank accounts or electronic purses, money necessarily reach the recipient. This is accomplished via secure communication systems. Instructions for payment transfer encrypted before its implementation. When
the encrypted message arrives at an online casino,

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